An estuary of visionaries

As the river meets the sea, great vision meets great design at Acqua

is one of the largest real estate firms in Asia and the largest privately-owned real estate firm in the Philippines with many years of experience in real estate marketing, development and management. The company holds a formidable team of the most accomplished, most creative and most highly-regarded individuals in the industry. We hold ourselves responsible for the creation of some of the most unique, outstanding and visionary real estate projects in the Philippines and beyond.

is a leading award-winning international practice of architects, urbanists and designers. Distinguished by the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of designers, they are brought together by a common commitment to deliver excellence. Broadway Malyan is responsible for some of the most innovative waterfront developments around the world such as the Battersea reach in London, Vauxhall tower in London and al Bandar in Abu Dhabi, UAE.