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Century Properties Expands Business with Launch of Century Nuliv

The last two years gave Century an opportunity to rediscover the real estate market, which revealed changing preferences for home buyers. specifically, clients have clamored for more space – both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, as the company is focused on growing, but at the same time aware of the macro -economic backdrop, it will develop lower building height developments, which carries less risk on a per project basis. 

“New standards in living and lifestyle inclinations have developed post-pandemic, and we intend to address these changes in homebuyers’ needs. While NULIV will continue Century’s legacy of serving the needs of the premium and luxury market, it will do so via new product offerings wherein majority will be townhouses and other low-rise structures – which is in contrast with its historical roots of doing mainly high-rise condominiums. As a result, this new product offering will be faster to develop,” says Century Properties Group president and CEO Marco R. Antonio.

But what sets Century Nuliv apart are a slew of propositions: these homes come in a range of choices – from upscale and premium townvillas, homes, and enclaves; they are situated in key growth areas; they feature innovative and inspired architectural designs; they make valuable investments and; as they are keenly attuned to new generation living, offer a seamless customer journey on a digital platform.

A Brand-New Residential Concept

Century Nuliv Logo

Century NULIV’s maiden project is a townhouse community that gives a peek into what’s in store for the market in the years to come. Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua features a low-density high street of 22 multi-storey houses and lots on an exclusive road behind Acqua Private Residences, Century Properties’ award-winning tropical rainforest-inspired development at the foot of the new Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, in Mandaluyong City.

“Acqua is a community of like-minded individuals who value convenience, safety, comfort, and a stylish lifestyle. NULIV Townvillas at Acqua is planned akin to all these principles and provides the same generous indoor and outdoor living spaces one would likely find in suburbia, but all within and integrated into the thriving Acqua community. It also offers a paramount in-city living experience and assured value appreciation since the houses and lots are located within Metro Manila,” explains Century NULIV president Monica L. Trajano.

A Nu Approach to Living

An artist s Illustration of the Driveway

Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua was conceptualized for smart, discerning, and tech-savvy urban citizens who can’t leave the city but want to live somewhere where they can tune out the noise and hustle. The townvillas are designed to be sanctuaries, to say the least. Taking into account shifts in lifestyle among Filipinos post-pandemic, these Townvillas offer more of the functional, thoughtfully planned, and spacious indoor and outdoor amenities, access to essentials and major infrastructure, and an easy homeownership process via thought-out digital customer journey. 

An artist s Illustration of the Driveway Front View

Each townvilla stands on a spacious lot, with levels defined by glass balconies and high-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light. Homeowners can maximize the outdoor area by creating a garden, patio, and/or parking.

An artist s Illustration of a Living Area at the Townvillas at Acqua

Since getting a home is a continuous process of making choices, Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua features two types of homes: Rhine (three-storeys; 227sqm ave.) and Seine (four-storeys; 312 sqm ave.). The number of units for each type is six and sixteen, respectively. Unit prices range from P40 Million to P60 Million.

An artist s Illustration of a bedroom at the Townvillas at Acqua

The stacked design allows for freer movement within the house while also enabling homeowners to transform the spaces into functional areas meant for different purposes—from family areas and seating nooks to home offices and personal gyms. Each unit will be delivered standard bare and completed with premium finishes to make it easier for homeowners to turn it into the home they’ve always wanted.

Beyond its stunning modern architecture, strategic location, and integrated lifestyle amenities within Acqua, what makes Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua worth the investment is the property value that is expected to increase over time. Future owners aren’t just signing up for a home where they can live life to the fullest, they are also owning a piece of the future that they can pass on to their loved ones.

As the company completes the regulatory requirements, this project will be available for sale soon.

Continuous Innovation

Looking into the future has always been part of Century Properties Group’s DNA of creativity and innovation. With Century Nuliv, the creativity is translated into a holistic experience: timely and timeless homes in prime locations, with modern services & amenities, and practical home designs that support life’s true essentials. 

“We will deliver spaces that can provide easy or direct access to necessities but equally important, we are innovating our homeownership process to strengthen how this is digitally supported from start to finish,” Trajano added. 

Following the project in Mandaluyong, Century NULIV is also looking forward to bringing new concepts outside Metro Manila, including its next Townvillas in Azure North, San Fernando, Pampanga, which will be launched next.